{ And now - Cauldron, Inc. presents a person of particular peculiarities }

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Perko, the P in VMMGP, enjoys over-doing his welcome in the thick woods of Bear Creek Village, PA where the elders of OceanAstro are mysteriously allowing he and his brood to temporarily reside within Cauldron CentralCommand. Some say temporary is a hard word to define. Some say they are doing this out of kindness. Others say it's done out of control. Yet others claim that throughout history, there has been alien activity in that specific location and that since Perko has arrived – the activity levels have spiked considerably. Truth be told - no one knows exactly what is going on there amongst the highly curious, odd deer and ongoing strange lights. >Secret Message: I'll signal you, with a tiny flashing light, from the top of the 30 foot tower in Cauldron, Inc. Headquarters< Regardless, Perko views the fall season as the preface to Halloween. Perko enjoys 8-bit video games, an astonishing array of Bumperkrop K-Cup beverages, eclectic films, the music of former The Bolshoi frontman, Trevor Tanner, Vinegar Mango Wolgamuth, and telling various parts of an odd story called Hidden From Humans, which is about a strange man, who lives in the woods of Bear Creek Village and can un-do people. Von Magneto, Montalvo, Ghast & Perko are developing the story into a feature film, which was written and is being directed by Perko - who is also dastardly passionate about graphic design and can usually be found feverishly designing all sorts of stuff. If you are ever in Perko's proximity - trying to spy on him to get interesting ideas for the next novel you are writing - and hear a loud BANG! - and then wonder where the initial source of the startling sound was acquired from, just check: Accura Outdoors just outside Perko's secret old stomping grounds in Idaho.

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David Paul Wyatt Perko, Creative Director


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